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Privacy policy

  • Kimmon Koha Co., Ltd. legally collects customer's personal information and uses the collected personal information only within the specified purpose.
  • As a general rule, Kimmon Koha will not provide or disclose the collected personal information of customers to third parties or business partners without the prior consent of the customer.
  • Kimmon Koha will take the best measures to prevent the collected personal information from being lost, falsified, or leaked.
  • Kimmon Koha will handle customer personal information in compliance with the laws and guidelines related to the Personal Information Protection Law.
  • When outsourcing the handling of personal information when dealing with customers or providing services, Kimmon Koha will thoroughly inform the outsourced company of its personal information protection policy in order to ensure proper handling.
  • When a customer is requested to introduce, correct, or delete the content of the personal information, we will reply as soon as possible after confirming that the customer.
  • Kimmon Koha educates employees so that their personal information is handled properly, regularly inspects the proper handling, and reviews the efforts of the Personal Information Protection Law as necessary.  Improve.
  • For inquiries regarding the handling of personal information of Kimmon Koha, please contact below.
    Kimmon Koha Co., Ltd.
    1-53-2 ITABASHI, ITABASHI-KU, TOKYO TM21 BLDG., 173-0004, Japan
    TEL:+81-3-5248-5906 FAX:+81-3-5248-0021

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