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March, 2016
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Tokyo by night
Dear Valuable Partners,

  Our fiscal year is ending and thanks to you, Kimmon Koha will enter in its 45th year of He-Cd laser system manufacturing.  
Definitively our knowledge and incomparable experience in UV laser make Kimmon Koha the key actor in the UV Spectroscopy, UV Grating, Holography, Photo-Luminescence and Lithography markets.  
This year, our missions will be to consolidate our position of leadership, and in the other hand, we will need your active cooperation in order to conquest new market.

KKFL-20 1064nm,
the KIMMOM KOHA Ytterbium-doped fiber laser

Suitable with customer applications requiring:
Linearly polarized, 
High energy-conversion efficiency, 
Narrow spectral width 
and High polarization extinction ratio.

The flag above the bridge

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